Ski Chalet Alps – a different type of ski chalet The Mayors House La Clusaz, France part 2

The Mayor's House La Clusaz No2.jpg

Whenever I hear the words ski chalet my imagination is torn between luxurious log cabins and dingy concrete blocks. 

What has never occurred to me is the Mayors House; an imposing 9 bedroom totally refurbished stone building sitting in the Alps countryside only 20 minutes from the main ski lift of La Clusaz. Which used to be the actual Mayors house. 

This is so much more than a ski chalet in the Alps. 

It is an experience. An Elsewhere experience. 

Our previous post (you can check that out here) described a day in the life of a guest staying in the Mayors House, well the morning of.. this is part two, or rather part deux. 

Forget ski chalets in the Alps – look for the Mayors House, a true winter retreat. 

You’ve been on the slopes of La Clusaz all day, amazing snow, awesome vistas and a couple of warming hot wines on the mountain. But now you’re ready to head home..

Our complimentary mini bus is waiting to pick you and your party up at the bottom of the slopes (we like easy), looking out the window you watch as hundreds of identical ski chalets in the alps whizz past, smug, knowing where you’re heading. 20 minutes later you’re back at the Mayors House. 

As you enter the warmth of the Mayors House the boot room is ready with the boot and glove warmer turned on ready to dry out your gear for the next day. 

You head up the stairs past the games room and cinema room to be greeted by a table laden with local fresh baguettes, cheeses, charcuterie, (donuts as well!) to stave off any immediate hunger.. or possibly a quick game on the retro pinball machine first (I love that pinball machine!). 

You grab some cheese, some bread and notice your host holding out a glass of bubbly – well deserved after a hard day skiing you poor things 

You snuggle down in front of the burning open log fire, or maybe you prefer to warm your bones in one of the two saunas, or in the hot tub for a bit.. did I mention the pinball machine?

While you’re relaxing your own private chef is cooking. Pots are simmering, foams are being whipped, intoxicating aromas are lingering through the winter retreat, teasing you on what’s for dinner. 

This is no ski chalet in the alps, this is a destination. 

Dinner is eventually served, you have no idea what the meal will be, only that it will be beautiful, delicious and filling. 

Maybe three courses, maybe two, maybe a table laden with an imaginative creation for you to graze at for hours…

After dinner, your host and chef discretely vacate the building, leaving you and your party to, well, party. You hit the sack after a long day, ready to be woken by the smell of breakfast and another sun beam shining through your bedroom. You are experiencing an Elsewhere venue. 

Life’s too short for ordinary..



Winter Retreats Europe – a day in the life staying at the Mayors House La Clusaz.

The Mayor's House.jpg

Looking for winter retreats in Europe? Welcome to the Mayors House in La Clusaz, France. 

We don’t describe our 9 bedroom destination as a ski chalet – it is so much more. The Mayors House as one of the best winter retreats in Europe. Sure it is incredible in the summer, but more of that here. 

We want to talk about winter retreats in Europe on this post. The summer experience is incredible but totally different, this is about winter retreats in Europe. 

For a sneaky peak inside, here’s a little glimpse of how your day starts at the Mayors House - an Elsewhere Winter Retreat in Europe. 

As dawn breaks and the winter sun shines through into your luxurious White Company dressed bedroom you meander downstairs to the main dining area following the aroma of freshly baked croissants and steaming pots of coffee. 

The house is warm, always warm. Your host and private chef are busy in the kitchen rolling out freshly cooked pancakes, porridge, sizzling strips of bacon, fresh yoghurt and so much more..

After a hearty winter retreat breakfast you disappear to get ready for a day of skiing (or just sipping vin chaud on the slopes) in La Clusaz. 

You head down to the boot room, our boot and glove warmer awaits you, everything is dry, warm and ready. 

Falling out the front door of our European winter retreat our complimentary minibus is waiting outside ready to take you and the rest of your party to the ski lifts and off you go…

After a hard day skiing and snowboarding on the beautiful slopes of La Clusaz (one of the best and most family group friendly winter ski destinations in France) you are picked up by our mini bus and brought back to your Elsewhere winter retreat in Europe. 

Life’s too short for ordinary..

Click here to see how the rest of your day is going to go once you’re back…



A new generation of La Clusaz Ski Chalets – Welcome to The Mayor’s House.

The Mayor's House La Clusaz Ski Chalet.jpg

The Mayors House is a beautiful building and is unlike any other La Clusaz ski chalet in the area. 

Nestled in the countryside of La Clusaz, the ski chalet is just 15 minutes away from the main ski lift in La Clusaz (and don’t worry, we have a complimentary mini bus to drop you off in the morning and pick you up after a day of skiing!).

There are tons of La Clusaz ski chalets but the Mayors House (which used to be the Mayors House!) is for groups of people that want something different, that want to be surrounded by beautiful design, comfort with plenty of toys to play with. But there’s more to it than just that, which I’ll get to in a minute..

After an exhilarating day skiing or boarding on the slopes of La Clusaz you are picked up by your own mini bus, brought back to your plush ski pad and can kick back and relax with a welcome cocktail waiting for you and a roaring open fire to warm up in front of.

After a huge investment and refurbishment the Mayors House is positioned to offer an alternative to the rest of the la clusaz ski chalets out there. 

But what makes the Mayors House special is more than just bricks and mortar and funky design. Sure, it’s cool to have your own hot-tub bubbling away looking out onto the mountains.. and nobody ever complains about having a roaring open log fire to snuggle up in front of, and while I think about it, having two sauna’s on the premises is also pretty cool, or hot, whatever…

The magic is that you are staying in an Elsewhere venue. And with that, means you experience the Elsewhere magic, the secret fairy-dust service and imagination that Elsewhere is famous for. 

From cocktails on arrival to your own onsite host looking after your every need. You concentrate on having fun on the slopes – we concentrate ensuring the rest of your time is equally exceptional. 

Experience the exceptional with an Elsewhere stay at the Mayors House – more than just another La Clusaz Ski Chalet. 

Life’s too short for ordinary.



Introducing Run For The Hills

Run For The Hills is a brand new company. We’re a portfolio of 3 unique properties.

One team – all driven by creativity, fun and attention to detail. 

The same service and organisation, same ethos, same focus on extraordinary experiences – just 3 different flavours:

The alpine retreat (The Mayor’s House)

The ultimate hill top destination (The Chateau)

The Tudor manor with creative surprises (Hill House Norfolk)

The exclusive hire and holiday house market is crowded with literally thousands of websites. It’s noisy, inconsistent and untrustworthy.  To address this we launched Hill House Norfolk in 2007 and driven by client requests we have now created ‘Run For The Hills’ – as we have been continually asked -  do we have any more properties?

When you love the experience and you want more of it, well you have to go back.

Now with Run For The Hills you can travel around the portfolio too.

3 awesome locations, 3 completely different experiences….